A 1v1 Multiplayer Arena Map

Curious about UEFN (Unreal Engine for Fortnite) and wanting to improve my level design skills in regards to multiplayer maps, I decided to make a pvp arena map in UEFN.

In this project, I used the power of Unreal Engine’s Cube Grid to create the blockout of the map. Using UEFN enables quick and iterative testing of the map with players and bots, granting level designers a powerful and efficient way to playtest their creations in real game scenarios (with integrated mechanics for gunplay, running, sliding, jumping and mantling).

Using the feedback from the playtests, I was able to efficiently test multiple layout ideas and ajust the map until its final version, where every corner, platform, piece of cover and equipment fuse together to give satisfying and challenging gameplay options to players.

Topdown Map

Ultimatum map topdown

Map Features

The symmetrical layout makes for fair and balanced fights, while helping the players to orient themselves. The multiple levels of elevation creates interesting choke points and lines of sight. Player will favor the top-middle part, a power position granting good cover, visibility and escape routes.

The various elevations are all at a climbable height, letting players quickly rotate and change position to outsmart each other.

In the bottom mid, Shockwave Grenades can be picked up, useful to quickly reach high ground or knock opponents out of a good position. Poison Grenades spawn on each side of the map. They can be used to create visual cover and to force an enemy to move to avoid taking damage.

Map Flythrough