Neon Racer

An Endless Racing Arcade Game

I took part in the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2023, producing a videogame prototype in 10 weeks with a team of university students from five different schools, consisting of four programmers, one game designer, one sound designer, one 2D artist (UI/UX designer) and two 3D Artists (including me). Neon Racer was an awesome learning experience and it motivated me to focus full time on game developement!

We won an award!

To makes things even better, our team won the #Cubi23 Audience Award! Neon Racer was also nominated for 3 other awards: Jury’s ChoiceBest Art Direction and Implementation and Creativity and Theme Integration.

About this Game

Neon Racer is an endless racing arcade game where you pilot a futuristic car and speed your way across a procedurally generated synthwave cityscape. Race in-between buildings, do barrel rolls, ride on the walls, shoot lasers and create ramps to avoid obstacles and escape the police. While you’re at it, try challenging the highscore!

My role as a Lead 3D & Technical Artist

As the main 3D Artist on the project, I was in charge of designing, modeling, texturing and rigging the vehicles. I also turned Bouchera Tahraoui’s 3D Models and designs into modular building kits. I then textured the modular kits and used them to assemble all the various buildings needed in the game. I integrated all 3D assets in Unreal Engine, did some FVX using Niagara and worked on the checkpoints visuals and animation.

Moodboard for the cars

For the cars, it was important to create original models that inspired speed, agility and style. I went over multiples iterations before deciding on the final car shape. The police car utilizes a bulkier frame, showing its tenacity and relentless spirit.

Player Car Design

Police Car Design

Modular Kit

Neon Racer is a game about racing through an endless map at top speeds. To create its futuristic cityscape, I built two modular kits that were used to quickly and efficiently assemble buildings of various shapes and sizes, procedurally placed in front of the player during gameplay.

Skybox Blueprint

Using blueprints, I created the visuals for the skybox: a vibrant light in the horizon fading into a sky full of stars.

Final Look