About Me

I studied Multimedia in college, where I discovered 3D art and programming, and made my first serious game projects. Afterwards, I went to university to learn more about digital media and game development. I did a Certificate in Art for the Film Industry, and I am now completing a Bachelor in Videogame Creation.

I have always been fascinated by video games and their power to pull players into impactful stories and unique experiences. I find games to be the best medium for storytelling and immersive entertainement, since players get to shape their experiences through their own decisions, failures and successes.

My goal is to work as a Technical Game Designer, focusing mainly on Level Design, Content Design (Worldbuilding and Creative Writing) and Integration (Blueprints and Coding), using my understanding of other specialties to work efficiently alongside my team. In the future, I see myself becoming a Lead Level Designer, taking part in ambitious projects where my creativity and my problem solving skills help games reach new heights.

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