Omniscient Survivor

A level inspired by a korean webnovel

Level Playthrough

In this project, I adapted the story of the webnovel Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (chapters 72 to 78) into a narrative-driven level blockout. Staying close to the source material while putting my own twist on the story, location and dialogues was a fun challenge, and I learned a lot about level layout, story pacing and creating points of interest (POI). I also utilized blueprints by making my own tool to quickly display information throughout the level.

Corpses: Mystery & Foreshadowing

This project was also a great opportunity to improve my environmental storytelling skills by adding smaller details in the environment, bolstering the believability of the story and hinting at the presence of strong ennemies (werewolves) before the player encounters them (foreshadowing).

Novel Synopsis

Kim Dokja is the sole reader that reached the end of a novel called Ways of Survival, but when he flipped the last page, the story contained in the novel became real and invaded the world Dokja was living in! Using his knowledge of the story (of the upcoming events and calamities), the reader turned protagonist sets off to save his universe. For this level, his mission is to survive in a city center and find a meteorite containing tremendous power.

Displaying Dialogues & Toughts

Gameplay Information

Storytelling Tools

My main goal was to give players an experience mirroring what the novel’s protagonist is living through. To do so, I needed to give known information about the story to the player and let him read other people’s mind!

To clearly indicate the narrative elements contained in the level, I made custom widget blueprints letting me show the dialogue and inner toughts of various characters dynamically while the player explores the level, as well as information about objectives and gameplay features.

Blueprint Breakdown